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97st Chinatown

About Hong Kong Bakery

You Can Visit Our Traditional Hong Kong Bakery in Edmonton

Hong Kong Bakery has two locations in Edmonton. 

hong kong bakery gateway blvd

Hong Kong Bakery, 97 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB

We have many of the traditional Hong Kong Bakery goods. You can now order through our website for the best prices and service guaranteed. 

  • Bbq Pork Bun. CA$2.20.
  • Wiener Bun. CA$2.20.
  • Coconut Cocktail Bun. CA$2.20.
  • Pineapple Bun. CA$2.20.
  • Custard Tart. CA$2.20.
  • Chinese Donut. CA$2.20.
  • Sesame Ball. CA$2.20.
  • Mini Bbq Pork Bun. CA$1.50.

ON 97 ST. Beside HOT POT 97